June 11, 2016

Hobo Gauntlet Radio - Episode 15

Coming in at exactly 1 hour and 1 minute, HGR Episode 15 once again sucks you into a sonic adventure, with chills, spills and pills...lots and lots of pills.

Track Listing:
1. Radiohead - The Witch
2. National Velvet - Flesh Under Skin
3. Blur - Parklife
4. Tragically Hip - Fifty Mission Cap - FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT GD!
5. Divine - Native Love
6. Silversun Pickups - Circadian Rhythm
7. The Cure - In Between Days
8. The Mission - Tower of Strength
9. Foals - Mountain at My Gates
10. Abecedarians - Smiling Monarchs
11. Electronic - Getting Away With It
12. Sidney Samson - Riverside
13. Chemical Brothers - Believe
14. Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

June 10, 2016

The Giant

I was sitting outside at home recently when I noticed a few ants had gathered on the patio furniture, milling about, discussing some ant-related matter. There were about 5 of them just chillin' and chattin'.

It was at this precise moment that I briskly stood up and hovered directly above them menacingly, and I do believe I even growled a bit. See, I wondered if I'd get any reaction whatsoever from the tiny creatures as they went about their business. From there perspective, I would think that I'd be seen as a horrifying giant mutant that has just invaded their little world.

But, I got nothing. They didn't look up or shrink in fear or run. They completely ignored me, which either means they didn't see me, or they just don't give a fuck. Either way, the ants just carried on with their lives despite a potentially murderous presence.

I like their attitude.