March 18, 2016


About six months ago at work I saw a friend's brother, Tim, around the office. I had only met him a couple of times, but after chatting with him it turned out he had gotten a job in another department. Every couple of days since then I'd see him around here and there, just saying "hey Tim, how are you man? " know.. that sort of small talk. He was always friendly, saying hello back, and then we'd go our separate ways. About two weeks ago I was having lunch with colleagues in the work cafeteria when TIm walked by, so he stopped to say hello, and I introduced Tim to the group..we chatted a bit and then he walked away.
Last night I bumped into my friend, Tim's brother. I said "ya I didn't know your brother had gotten a job at the same company - small world". "Ya", he said, "Scott seems to be enjoying it there".

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