April 17, 2015

Chewie still can't afford pants

Indeed - that new Star Wars trailer is certainly something the neckbeards can rub one out to (and probably have three or four times already).

Sorry if that sounded harsh. But you gotta give credit to Disney, Lucas et al for giving generations of fans exactly what they want. Star Wars is very much the gold standard of movie franchises, and it's even more impressive given how it went off the rails for several years.

I was watching clips of the fan kick off event in Anaheim, and the one thing that struck me (other than feeling kind of sorry for people who camped outside a convention centre the night before to get in), was the sheer glow you could see in the faces of the newest cast members. Hamill, Ford, Fisher - during filming they more than likely had a few late night cocktails with the new cast (well maybe not Fisher), and told them that life, as they know it, will never be the same.


  1. Yes, sage advice was given my Mark Hammil to the new cast: "I know you're thinking that being in this movie will lead to a Raiders of the Lost Ark. Chances are, your follow up will be Corvette Summer."

  2. I wonder what Jake Lloyd's doing these days...

  3. Jake Lloyd's managing a Denny's in Omaha..oh sorry that's Saul Goodman