March 27, 2015

Planes, Jays and Automobiles

1.The prevailing aircraft cockpit door policies among most airlines are a result of 9/11..therefore, the terrorists have won again no?

2. Maybe i'm over-thinking, or I'm a pervert, but don't tell me there's not one single mind at Rogers who considered that perhaps an element of the Jays' new social media efforts is inappropriate. It's a hashtag. Namely "#come together".

3. I was walking yesterday and got stopped by a film crew as they were shooting a scene taking place in a parked car. A dozen people with headsets stood around silently, blocking me from walking through the shot. I was told they'd let me through in 30 seconds. Four minutes later i said to some P.A. chimp..come on man..i gotta go. He whispered into his headset and shook his head, but then a more senior P.A chimp approached me and said she'd walk me through, but I'd have to remain quiet since they were in the midst of shooting a scene. I promised to do so but as I walked by the parked car I yelled "you're all a bunch a fuckin' slaves!".

That last part never happened but I wish it did. 

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