May 12, 2015

Bon Voyage Captain John's

Infamous floating Toronto landmark Captain John's Restaurant will be erased from Toronto's history by the end of May. 

You can, however, still get a flavour of the joint if you visit Betty's patio in the city's lower east side. Word is that if you lick the sign, you can taste 50 years of trout that has imprinted itself, forever.

Bon Voyage, and Bon Appetit.


  1. I hope Betty's puts it up high with lights on and everything. That sign has seen some things.

  2. I have a full view of Captain John's Party Barge from my office. I'll miss its smelly, rusting hulk. It's a welcome disparity from the wholesale steel-and-glass takeover of the waterfront.

  3. Millson I read your post as you can smell the Hulk from your office, which makes sense. After all, he is green.