May 25, 2015

No Shank You

I commented on this over on Toronto, who was complaining about tiny coffee cups often found at breakfast diners. I have a related irritant regarding tiny diner coffee cups.
Maybe I'm labelled a pain in the ass by servers who attend to me, but I always prefer a fresh, clean cup when they come around to refill your coffee. In other words, don't pour fresh coffee over the few remaining ounces of cooling coffee in my cup. Servers will often come by and say "would you like me to warm that up for you?" Um, I don't want that hellish alchemy at all thank you very much.
If I'm at a bar and my pint is nearly done, the bartender doesn't say "would you like me to cool that down for you?" and pour new beer over the old beer. If he or she does, that tells me there's an excellent chance I'm getting knifed at that bar.


  1. Interesting. Out of curiosity, if you were at home and having a couple cups of coffee yourself, would you get a new mug for each trip to the coffee machine? Or is just that if you are a paying customer at a restaurant, then they should get you a fresh mug because you're paying them for it? It's never occurred to me to get a new mug at a restaurant, but now that you mention it, it does make sense in a way. I feel cheated out of fresh mugs!

  2. Clefto, I'll answer your question with a question. Are you drunk right now?

    When getting my second cup of coffee at home, I will dump out the remaining old cold coffee, rinse out the mug and then pour myself a fresh cup.

  3. But then you'll get that disgusting water residue in with your new coffee.
    I suggest buying a small child of European descent to constantly bring you cups of coffee in fresh mugs. Problem solved.

  4. That's an excellent suggestion. I will summon my underage Asian wife to research the matter.