May 25, 2015

Hobo Gauntlet Podcast - Episode 8

As per the post below, on episode 8 I'll touch on good places to hide a body in Toronto, I'll rant about my day at the Jays game, an ass clown update and my ban from Tanki Online.

Musically, episode 8 is all over the map and we'll hear from, among others, The Hawaiian Pups, Ministry, The Stills, Love Spit Love and Suede.


  1. Great podcast! I especially liked the part where you talked about the guy who recommended Uber to you.
    For Canada Day you should do an all Canadian podcast. Nothing but the best of Anne Murray and Avril Lavigne.

  2. Thanks Clefto. I look to you youngsters to teach me about such modern contraptions. Next week I'm getting a fax machine!