January 29, 2015

Hobo Gauntlet Radio - Episode 5

Take a sonic journey through the decades of modern music that matters...to me. On episode 5 we'll hear from The Chemical Brothers, The Housemartins, Muse, The Stone Roses and Sisters of Mercy to name just a few.

And, get pointers about being the best possible Hobo you can, hear about why I have a dead body in my garage and learn about my hatred for certain foreign accents.

I'm currently having issues with my blog's audio player thingy, so listen online or download here, courtesy of the fine folks over at  Girth Radio.


  1. I used to love having yardsales. I'd take all my toys outside to be sold, and then slowly bring each of them back into the house, one by one. I'm not selling my transformers Mom so fuck off. I once saw a nice chair that someone had discarded on the side of the road, and decided i needed that chair. So i turned around, opened up my hatch, and a buddy and I threw it in the back. When I got home and took the chair out of the car, i realized there was a sign on the side that said "YARD SALE - CHAIR $200". It wasn't worth 200 dollars let me tell you my good man.

    Also, I have a request. You seem to have pretty great taste in music. But do you have any guilty pleasures? Anything you're ashamed that you listen to? For example, I listen to this podcast. http://instantrimshot.com

  2. That's an amazing coincidence. My grandmother had an antique chair she wanted to sell and put it outside with a similar sign, and as I recall she was asking $200 for it. Some fuckers stole it.

    Regarding the guilty pleasures - oh yes there are several. It's a good idea but I don't think I own any of my faves (such as Sister Christian by Night Ranger), so I'll integrate some other stuff I've collected over the years (for dj'ng purposes) that I hate, but might be guilty pleasures for others. Of course, my real guilty pleasure would result in 5 to 10 in Kingston Pen, so I'll just ignore that one.

  3. Point of clarification in case the stinkin' Feds are somehow, someway reading. The last sentence of my post above refers to beating the hell out of someone who annoys me.

    Just sayin'.

  4. Thank you for the music Mr Hobo.

  5. Episode 6 is now in pre production. And when I say pre production I mean I'm not thinking about it until the very moment I press record.