February 11, 2015

Be My Valentine - Part 1

There are two Hallmark holidays in the year that I still actively participate in, but the one that falls on February 14th is not one of them. There was a very strange kid from my grade 6 class who would call it "valemtine's day". That same kid always had a ton of dandruff, which I thought was very adult of her for some reason, but I digress. Christmas no longer has the charm it once had for me, but there are still great memories associated with getting together so we still engage in those activities. The other is my absolute fave - Halloween.

I don't think many people would argue that the silliness around February 14th is a farce. A sham. A cash grab. This is why I'm having Valentine's Day dinner with a man, and possibly two. See, my lovely wife and I did a favour for a friend and minded his feline while he was away. As thanks he offered to take us to the Keg Mansion, a fantastic old Toronto house that now exists as a pretty decent steakhouse.  A week or so back the date was set for this Thursday, with none of us realizing the proximity to Valentine's day...which tells you a lot about what my wife and I really think about Valentine's day. But my wife is a busy bee (which is one of the things I love about her) so she cannot attend. But that's not the issue. The issue will be the potential madness of going to a restaurant Thursday night when a zillion emasculated men and their significant others will also be there, ready to present a teddy bear holding a heart. Now don't get me wrong. If this day on the calendar is something that a couple chooses to be important to them, so be it. It's as important to them as it's irrelevant to me.

So, I will report back after my Valentine's dinner date with 1, or 2 men. It's sooo exciting! I think i'll wear that little black dress...


  1. I can't stand the valentines chit-chat everywhere this time of year. "what did you get your wife? did you get her roses? did you take her out?". My wife and I are not interested in valentines day, and i used to tell people that, but people dont seem to grasp the concept. And they say things like "really? I bet your wife cares." BULLSHIT. now when people ask "what did you get your wife?" I say "a diamond necklace from Tiffany and a bottle of Dom Perignon that we drank in a private yacht i rented for the evening". That ususally ends the conversation.

  2. I love how people assume they know more about your relationship with your wife than you do. If that was the case, then maybe THEY should be married to your wife. Ass hats.

  3. "Rented a yacht???" Dude, you need to step up your lying!