February 14, 2015

Be My Valentine - Part 2

Peppered throughout my day yesterday I saw the end result of the collective male effort towards "le jour d'amour".  The eaton centre was full of teens as usual and since most 17 year old boys are broke, I saw a whole lot of young girls carrying a single sad rose. But, they still held it prominently upward. At my workplace, I saw a delivery guy bring in the most obscene flower display. As he was giving it to security, other women around oohed and awwed and wondered who it was for, trying to sneak a look at the recipient's name. That, in a nutshell, is valentine's day. It's all about the optics. Women producing physical evidence to other women that you are not some ratty old-maid.

But more importantly, part 2 of Be My Valentine is about my date with not one, but two men. See, originally, it was going to just be the 2 of us but that wasn't on because homophobia. We wrangled our friend to join us, and we met at the Keg Mansion bar for a beer. Shortly thereafter our vibrating ring went off indicating our table was ready. About 45 minutes later I pulled it out from the front of my pants and we walked downstairs.

My steak shortly before it arrived at my plate.
The hostess walked us into the main dining room and as we got closer to the table she had in mind,  my spidey senses began to tingle. Right beside us was a huge table of about 15 people, half of whom were toddlers. They too were recently seated and the children were already twitchy, so I politely declined, asking nicely "is there something else?".

We were taken to my favourite part of the Mansion. It's on the ground floor in the back, in a cozy area that looks like a little hidden library. So, we had some delish apps, talked about the terrifying state of the industry we work in, consumed fantastic wine and gorged on New York striploin.  Afterwards, a couple of nightcaps at my friend's house and the evening was complete.

Nobody made out with anyone, but I can't think of too many better ways to spend a frigid Thursday night in February.

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