February 28, 2015


As in, officially done with winter.

The last few months have been a shitstorm of miserable weather, and combined with the most stressful part of my work year and zero vacation, I'm gonna go ahead and tell winter to blow it out it's ass, pun intended.

March can't come soon enough, and even though it will still be cold and grey for a while yet, the psychological lift is very welcome 'round these parts.
"There is no such thing as small change."


  1. It's nice out today, I strolled over to the pub to see if the patio was open (was willing to brave the cold of I was in the sun). No dice, but it's nice having a few pints on my own at the bar.

  2. I was ready to hit the links when it came down to -7, so I know what you mean - it's all relative. If it was minus 7 in May we'd storm Queen's Park to demand answers.

  3. Very shortly we'll be seeing nice spring weather, and a few really warm days where the patios open, but beware the April Snowstorm that everyone forgets about. If i have to hear "snow in April??!?!?" again, I'm gonna cut a bitch. It happens almost every year. At least this year we don't have to worry about the Leafs making the playoffs at all, so we can relax a little more.